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Rant on IDW MLP Issue 50
This is a rant on IDW MLP Comics Issue 50. This contains spoilers. You have been warned.
Apparently Harmony ISN'T just pure order. According to LITERALLY EVERYONE in this ENTIRE comic.
It's even OUTRIGHT STATED Accord's Order ISN'T Harmony.
...And yes the Elements not only don't work on him but FREAKING BACKFIRE because of him being the embodiment of Order.
...Congrats, IDW, you've OFFICIALLY finally managed to come up with something that has managed to enrage me more than the ENTIRE SIEGE ARC COMBINED!
Here's why:
Reason 1): Bringing the Elements in PERIOD. Why do it? There's no reason to do it. This story would NOT CHANGE AT ALL if they weren't introduced. If the Mane Six said hid somewhere and had their discussion then Accord found them, the story would LITERALLY be the same. This was not needed and is a gigantic PLOT HOLE.
Reason 2): It breaks the ENTIRE MORAL OF THE STORY. Including the REASON that Accord turns back into Discord: that Order ISN'T HARMONY. If Order alone ISN'
:iconkendell2:Kendell2 1 70
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Kindness (by silfoe)
Well, its been a long time waiting for the finale image in the set of all six of the mane six as alicorns from :iconsilfoe:, but this one was worth the wait :D
Absolutely love the ethereal way he drew this piece, plus the look of the tatzlwurm and Fluttershy.

Kind of like all the mane six as alicorns to have some sort of unique "feel" to them rather than all just being the same, so asked Silfoe to draw Fluttershy as a kind of druidic Breezy alicorn. Love the way the wings turned out!

Once again, all credit to Silfoe herself, if you like the piece, hit up her page and let her know :D
Kindness by Eosphorite
Just got another image from the incredibly talented :iconeosphorite: and as usual, he did not dissapoint :)
Asked him to do an image of a stylized alicorn fluttershy, and love how this one turned out; Kind of like the alicorn mane six images to be a little specialized and different for each of them, and so kind of wanted him to give her a breezy kind of look to go along with her butterfly cutie mark, and he did not dissapoint :D

As usual, all credit goes to Eosphorite :D
Got the Twilight piece that ::iconsilfoe:: did for me, and really pleased with how it looks :D
I know she's already an alicorn, so it might seem kind of strange to have commissioned an image of her for the alicorn mane six set, but I kind of like the "Alicorns=gods" headcanon, so kind of wanted something of a "super-alicorn" form for her.

Since magic is very much aligned with things like friendship in MLP (its in the title after all XD), I figured a more angelic "pure" look would work well, hence the angelic Seraphicorn design I requested silfoe do for me.


United States


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Thanks for the fav!
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Thanks for the fave! 
EscapadistFiction Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh my gosh, and for the watch! Thank you so much!!
unlikeablePony Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
Sadly, I have no artistic talent at all; all of these are commissions. >.<
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Do you take requests or art trades?
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hah, yeah, sadly I lack any and all artistic ability >.< XD
any drawings I personally make would look like a third grader while drunk :p
That being said, I DO hope to have more images commissioned in the coming future :D

On that note though, if you want Incredible art, I HIGHLY reccomend you +favorite silfoe, the artist of my last commission, she is absolutely INCREDIBLE.
FeanorKelsick Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
ah i see these are commisions, still, they are good concept
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